Your Source for Improving Your Game

For busy professionals like you, taking your racing to the next level is a huge challenge. You rarely know who to ask for help (other than your sailmaker)
and you don't have time to research available coaches, their compatibility, strengths, and reliability. Renown coach, Bill Shore, has created a solution.

Bill is introducing an innovative venture to provide talented coaches to owners in the US and Europe who are hungry for better racing results.

For more than 30 years, Bill has helped stars in the elite racing world achieve championship titles including Olympic Gold medals, America's Cup success, J 24 International Championships, offshore one design championship titles and much more. Steering his own boats, Bill has won more than 25 International and National titles.

His approach is sophisticated. He helps teams establish goals and identifies a plan for success. Team strengths are highlighted and a plan is made to assault the weaknesses. Over the course of the coaching program owners and their teams achieve their goals and improve their performance.